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SBPL Rules and Regulations BCAPL Rules - English Version BCAPL Rules - Spanish Version


1.3   Use of Equipment
It is NOT a foul in the SBPL if you wear headphones, Bluetooth accesories, or use a cell phone during a match.   However, care should be taken to limit their use so that the match is not unduly delayed.

1.8   No Practice Allowed During Match
It is NOT a foul in the SBPL if you practice during a match.   However, if you are in the middle of a game and your opponent is at the table, you should be paying attention to the game and not shooting on another table.

1.16   Shot Clock Procedures
There is no time restriction or shot clock in the SBPL.   If a player and/or team plays abnormally slow, please let the league know about it after the match is over.

1.33   Disturbed Balls (Cue Ball Fouls Only)
It is NOT a foul in the SBPL if you ACCIDENTALLY disturb a single or multiple object balls, whether or not they are in motion.   Deliberately disturbing an object ball is a foul under rule 1.40.

1.39   Marking The Table
Many players line up a shot by resting the tip of the cue behind the object ball.   If a small amount of chalk happens to accidentally transfer to the table while lining up a shot in this fashion, it will NOT be considered a foul under this rule.

1.41   Coaching
In the SBPL, your non-shooting teammates are acting as referees, and they ARE ALLOWED to call fouls.   (See league rule 3.3.2)

Players that plan on competing in the BCAPL National 8-Ball Championships are strongly advised to review all of the official rules found in their player handbooks.   The BCAPL has many minor, technical rules that either do not appear in or are not enforced by the Santa Barbara Pool League.